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Hulhumale Boasts the Capacity to Accommodate 39% of Maldives’ Total Population

According to the latest statistics, Hulhumale City has the capacity to accommodate 39% of the current Maldivian population. This is more than 217,000 people.

Hulhumale is located 1.95 km Northeast of Velana International Airport, 4.72 km Northeast of Capital City Male and 11.2 km Northeast of leisure destination Crossroads Maldives.

Compared to Male City, Hulhumale has 2.08 SQ KM more land area and has a total population of 209,455. The population density stands at 51,974 and open space index (SQM per person) at 2.5.

26% of the land is used for residential purposes and 42% of residential units are composed of social housing. Statistics on development progress reveal that 67% of housing units in hulhumale Phase 1 has been completed, which is 30% of total housing units planned for the city.

The Hulhumale is planned to feature 35 schools, 22 mosques, 4 fire stations, 4 police stations and 4 hospitals. Education is the fourth major land use category and the city is expected to accumulate a school-going population of around 52,364 once fully developed.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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