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Maldives Eases Restrictions on Restaurant and Cafe Opening Hours

Seagull Cafe

Operational times of restaurants and cafes have been extended in Male City. On 16th October, some of the restrictions that were imposed to curb the spread were eased.

Before the amendment, restaurants and cafes were allowed to be open until 9 30pm and there was a curfew at 10 pm that prohibited the movement of people and vehicles on public streets until 5 am.

However, from today, the curfew will start from 11 pm and will end at 4 am. Restaurants and cafes in Greater Male Area will be allowed operation until 10 30 pm.

As per latest statistics by HPA,  the country’s Covid-19 case count currently stands at 11,154. Active cases have been reported in 20 inhabited islands and in 19 resorts including 15 tourists and 25 staff.

Full details are available at the link below:

Source URL: Corporate Maldives

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